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We look forward to making your initial encounter as pleasant and convenient as possible. When you schedule your initial appointment with one of our providers we ask that you arrive to the appointment 30 minutes prior. This is so you can complete your registration paperwork. If you arrive late, and / or haven’t completed your paperwork prior, rescheduling your appointment may be necessary.

You may download any of the forms from our website immediately and start to complete them. If you complete all your paperwork ahead of time, you need not arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment. 15 minutes will suffice.

Please review our Notice of Privacy Practices, then print and sign the acknowledgement of receipt. Print and complete the Patient Registration Forms, Financial Policy, and Medical History Forms (either vein or pain depending on the reason for your visit). Lastly, if you wish to opt out of CORHIO (Colorado Regional Health Information Organization) please print and sign the opt out form. You can learn more about CORHIO at Please note: if you choose to opt out, this may prevent us from obtaining medical records that could assist us in treating you. Be sure to bring ALL the forms you have completed to your initial appointment.



We request you bring with you a list of your current medications, including the name, strength, and how often you take each prescription.

If you have recent tests or medical records associated with the current problem for which we are seeing you (e.g., imaging), please arrange to obtain a copy of these test results and bring to the appointment with you.

Before your visit we recommend that you bring a list of questions / concerns that you have. Be sure to Identify your main problem. Write down your signs and symptoms. Be prepared to describe them – what they feel like, when they started, what makes them better. This information helps your providers better understand your problem.

You will be contacted in advance of your visit to confirm the date, place, and time of the appointment.

We participate with most insurance plans and accept new patients. Please contact your insurance company to confirm that we are in-network. Should your plan require a referral when you visit our specialist, you must contact your primary care physician, let that physician know when you will be coming to our office, and request a referral. Some referrals are transmitted to us by your physician electronically. In the absence of your referral, we will be happy to provide care; however, your insurance may not be responsible for our charges, and you will be responsible for payment.

If you need to cancel an appointment, please notify us 48 hours in advance by calling 970-800-4145. We will reschedule your visit to ensure your medical needs are met. Your advanced notice may help another patient who is waiting to see one of our providers.

Think about bringing a support person. Would you like to have a friend or relative with you? This person can act as your advocate – someone who knows you and who has your best interests in mind. This person may also help you remember something during or after the visit. Make sure you are comfortable sharing information with this person. If you need to bring your young children, also bring someone to take care of them while you are with your provider.

The relationship between a health care provider and a patient is an important one. As a patient, you should play an active role in this relationship. To get the best care, be prepared for your health care visit. Do not be afraid to ask questions or speak up if you are concerned about something. If you need treatment, know the risks and benefits.